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Venezuela Mail Order Brides

Which country gave to the whole world the most beautiful women? As it turned out, Venezuela won first place. It is known, that girls from this country mostly won beauty contests all over the world. It is noted that the representatives of Venezuela became the winners of Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and other reputable competitions.

Beauty Secret Of Venezuelan Girls

Maybe, one of the reasons can be their ethnic genetics. Since the indigenous population for a long time was formed by immigrants and emigrants, in the process of incest there was such a nice effect. And now mixed marriages are very popular in Venezuela.

venezuelan women

Personality Of Venezuelan Women for Marriage

Venezuelan woman feels great national pride in their country. They admire national heritage, language, and traditional cuisine. Girls from Venezuela are also fully aware that Venezuela was once the economic pride of South America, and deeply saddened by the current situation in which they plunged.

Venezuelan Lifestyle

Mostly all women in Venezuela have a higher education. They devote much time to their careers, often achieving greater heights in the professional field than men.

Family Is One the First Place

Venezuela brides always manage to devote enough time to their children and family.

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Considering that their work often takes much more time than men, they try to spend all their free time with family. It is typical for them to speak with relatives at least once a day. Birthdays, holidays and Sundays are always held in the family circle. Mail order brides from Venezuela are also very religious.

Venezuelan Women Take Care Of Themselves

In Venezuela, where almost everyone also strives for an ideal form, girls begin to take care of their appearance almost from childhood. It is no exaggeration to say that participation in various beauty contests has turned for Venezuelan residents into a national hobby.

They like To Dress Up

Venezuelan beauties know about their femininity and love to elegantly flaunt it. These women prefer to dress up beautifully for a date or any other occasion, even for shopping. It is difficult to meet Venezuelan girl, who are poorly dressed. But they have one quirk … Throughout the year, they move around the streets in dark boots or sandals on a tall platform, most often light brown. Also, they tend to dress less sexy than Colombian girls.

venezuelan woman

Why Women from Venezuela Became Mail Order Brides

They want to be loved. In most cases, men in Venezuela don’t respect women here. Sometimes, they can be very rude. That’s why Venezuelan singles start to date with foreigners because they behave very respectfully and show their manners;

Venezuelan woman wants to like instability and good conditions. Just look at the current economic situation in this country. People just can’t find work and live in good condition, even if they are well educated. During 2020, hyperinflation has exceeded 130 000%. That’s why poverty also is one of the reasons to move abroad;

Still, in this country, domestic violence and sexual harassment occur in Venezuelan women’s life.

Main Stereotypes About Venezuela Mail Order Brides

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about brides from Venezuela, but not everything is true. Here are two main stereotypes:

  • all women make plastic surgery: there was a time when it was really popular, but it doesn’t mean that all girls do such corrections.
  • they don’t know English: it sounds ridicules because now almost all women from Venezuela can talk and understand English;

Venezuela Women Dating Tips

Always late for a date. Be prepared to wait until your Venezuelan girlfriend comes for a date and will look gorgeous. Venezuelan women love compliments. They really like to listen to simple and honest compliments about their beauty, appearance or eyes. If you plan to meet and hit a Venezuelan woman, then you must learn Latin dance. These beauties know a lot about dancing and celebrate life with dancing to Latin music;

Venezuelan ladies really appreciate small gestures, that can make them feel special. When you go home together, open the door in front of her or prepare a small dinner. Lovely Venezuelan girls love being pampered. They love well-planned romantic dinners, walks, and vacations. Or just give your companion a bouquet of flowers or delicious sweets. Body language between Venezuelans is also much more mobile and widespread. People stand very close to each other during a conversation and will gesticulate with their hands and bodies, so be prepared for expression from the Argentines. Usually, during a conversation, People can often touch each other to emphasize more what they say and show their emotions.

Try to learn a few phrases in Spanish. This gesture will impress your Venezuelan lady. Be attentive to the current situation in the country. Current times for Venezuelans are extremely difficult. If you are now dating a Venezuelan girl, you will soon understand the scale of the situation You should be aware that at the moment of life, the survival and provision of her family at home may come first. Also, discuss the current situation in Venezuela only if the girl herself will be the first to touch on this topic and try not to make harsh statements.

Are Venezuela Women Good for Marriage?

If your dream is to marry a Venezuelan woman, then do not rush. It is better to spend some time and get to know her. Do not skimp on paying for coffee or lunch and other small expenses, that can arise in the process of your natural acquaintance. But, at the same moment, do not immediately give her money for the needs of her family, despite the current situation. There is no need to blur the line between genuine and transactional relationships. Be kind, but strong and decisive man in her life.

As was mentioned before, ladies from Venezuela are also are great life partners. They don’t afraid of hard work. These girls try to share their love and warmth with all members of their families. She will support you for whole life and take care of you and your children.

venezuelan brides

Where To Meet Venezuelan Brides

If you want to date girls from Venezuela, you are likely to do it outside of Venezuela. There are some reasons, why tourists cannot travel there right now (no matter how tempting it may be, but in reality, this is not a good idea), and many girls left the country.

For this purpose, you can use online dating services and meet a girl of your dreams. You can browse and watch photos of Venezuelan girls and read some information about them. When you find a girl that hits into your hurt, you can get in touch. Mostly for that, you need to buy some credentials on services or buy access to this feature. Usually, dating services offer some test periods or discount prices for the first month.

After that, you need to add some photos to your profile and fill in your personal information. It is important for better contact between you and Venezuelan girls. Then just write to the girl of your dream and start a conversation. You can send each other photos, videos or audio messages, it helps to know each other better and became more close.

If after two or three weeks of communication you can ask her for a meeting. But here you’ll need the help of a dating company with an organization of such a meeting. But because of the current situation in Venezuela, it is better to make such a date on your territory, because of safety reasons. And then everything is up to both of you.

To Sum Up

Venezuelan women are some of the most beautiful in the whole world. They are passionate, funny, understanding and affectionate women. These girls embody all the best feminine qualities that men are looking for. Venezuelan mail order brides are open to relations with foreigners.

But if you are afraid that they are with you because of money, then do not rush. Calm down and make sure that she is sincerely interested in you as a man because it will be immediately noticeable. And if everything suits you, then do not hesitate, but take your perfect Venezuelan wife to you and be happy.

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