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Are you considering a Belgian bride for a wife? Your choice is a safe bet. Belgium has a rich heritage and culture, which manifests in their women. They, however, do not take pride in their cultural heritage as most would expect. 

Belgian brides pay special attention to food preparation and love delicious food. You are therefore set for food adventure as you will enjoy some of the best dishes in the world. 

Characteristics of Belgian Ladies

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They Cook Delicious Food

Most women are today obsessed with fast foods and rarely cook. Belgian women are, however, different as they are kitchen masters. All you have to worry about is your weight as you will enjoy the world’s tastiest dishes when dating a Belgian. Whether you are a health freak or not, your love for food will increase, and you will enjoy all kinds of food.

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Belgium produces some of the world’s best chocolates, so most of the Belgian queens have a sweet tooth. Stock up the best chocolates in Brussels and add yourself some marks of love. She will also lead you in the best beer and waffles joints in Belgium. Get ready for food adventure when dating a Belgian lady. 


If you struggle with keeping time, this is your lifetime opportunity to drop the behavior and acquire an excellent virtue. Belgian women expect you at the meeting point at least fifteen minutes earlier than the agreed time. Getting late for date or meeting will immediately send wrong signals about you and depict you an unpleasant person. 

While at it, carry a bunch of beautiful flowers. Belgian ladies are not materialistic hence do not expect expensive gifts this early into a relationship, but they appreciate the thought. Keep off white chrysanthemums though as they symbolize death to a Belgian woman. 


Most men will admit that they hate dramatic women. Belgians wives are naturally soft-spoken and polite. In Belgium, courtesy is common, and you will notice many people wait for their turn and give way effortlessly. Carry all your calm demeanor and polite cap when going for a date with a Belgian woman. The last thing they expect from you is an emotional outburst regardless of how unpleasant a situation turns out. Do not lose your temper or get abusive, no matter what happens. Holding yourself together is a virtue Belgians will cherish. 


In this fast-paced world, women get away with untidy spaces and homes. Not Belgian women, though. Despite the busy schedule, Belgian brides manage to keep their homes and children always clean. It is their traditional symbol. To impress them, always keep your best foot forward. Dress up as neat as you can, while you make modest elegance and personal grooming a priority. Never spot a crumpled T-shirt when meeting your Belgian girl, even if it is the latest trend.

Traditional Values

Despite the economic and social empowerment, Belgian women cherish traditional values and hold them close. They believe in early marriages, so most marry in their late teens or early twenties. Single women in their late thirties may indicate that they married before and divorced. Couples that shared a business unit may remain married (legally) to safeguard the enterprise but lead separate romantic lives with new partners, which most cultures may find strange. 

Before committing to a Belgian bride, do your due diligence. However, once you win their hearts, rest assured you will enjoy their commitment to family values.

Diverse Linguistic Identity

Belgium has two linguistic groups.


They mostly speak French and live in the southern part of Wallonia. However, there are a few who speak German in the eastern region of Wallonia. 


They speak Dutch and makeup about sixty percent of the entire Belgium population. They live in Flanders, which is the northern region of Belgium. 

Understanding their political and linguistic diversity will help you know your Belgian queen better enough to impress her.


Despite their cultural values, the Belgian women are well-bred, intelligent, and confident. Over 50 percent of women in Belgium are in gainful employment earning about 91 percent of the man’s salary. This is a clear indication of their independence, as they can share bills without a fuss. 


Marrying someone who is not intellectually sound can breed problems later in the marriage. Belgian ladies are educated and smart. Hang out with her, and she will amaze you by her intelligence. 

How to Win Belgian Ladies

Good MannersThough this sounds common and simplistic, it is not. Belgian girls do not condone bad habits so if you wish to take it to the next level with her, put your act together. Cover your mouth when coughing, do not speak with a mouthful, chew with your mouth closed, and many other small things are big enough to break a relationship with them. 

Courtesy and Gentleness

Courtesy is common in Belgium, and both men and women are soft-spoken. When you approach a table, most will stand to great you. These are standard behaviors that a Belgian lady expects from every man. It is common for their men to stand in public transport until ladies get seats. Sitting while women are standing will lose you marks fast when dating a Belgian woman.


While most Belgian women may appear cold and distant, they are warm and friendly. Take time to know and understand them better. On the first dates, keep it formal. Handshakes will suffice before she warms up to hugs and pecks. While it may take some time to warm them up, once they do, they are keepers. 

What Makes Them Suitable for Marriage?


Apart from their beauty, Belgian brides display a perfect combination of stunning and homely appearance with their modest dressing. These queens are a combination of beauty and brains. 

Cultural Values

Their neat and orderly tendencies make them great homemakers as they value culture. Coming home to a clean house is a great feeling, and knowing that your offspring take after their mom’s orderliness is relieving. Do not worry if this is not your strength; it will rub on you eventually. 


It is hard to resist Belgian brides culinary skills. Their love for good food and presentation is every man’s dream. Your friends and families will make your home their favorite spot. 


Life has become a rat race-literally, and there is little time to do so much most of the time. People waste a lot of time running late for appointments, dates, meetings, and other meetups. Lateness is never in a Belgian bride’s dictionary. Note that she will not tolerate time mismanagement. 

Where to Hook up with Belgian Mail Order Brides


Dating sites are the new hook up place, giving you a chance to meet the bride of your choice from whichever part of the world.

All you need is to do fill up and secure a profile and get a glimpse of the thousands of women who are potential wives. You can enjoy some basic services for free. However, you will have to pay a small fee to access advanced features.

Many people have been scammed online in pursuit of true love. Sites like help you find a soul mate in a safe and secure environment. The site scans all profiles to ensure there are no pseudo accounts in the database. There are many Belgian women here waiting for their perfect match.

Over the years, this platform has connected thousands of lonely souls from different parts of the world, forming beautiful unions. This site is secure and offers you a great chance to find a Belgian bride regardless of how far away you are from Belgium.


All you need is a profile with your expectations and what you are looking for in a Belgian lady. You will get many potential profiles that match your needs. Beware of scams and make sure you do due diligence when dating online


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