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Gorgeous Japanese Brides

Japanese mail order brides are popular among single men when it comes to dating, romantic relationships, and marriage. Although today, Japan has changed a lot compared to the last century, brides have not received much attention from men. It is why more and more girls prefer to have a European or American fiance, used to paying more attention to his girlfriend. It is time to take action and find out who are Japanese girls and where to meet them.

The Popularity Of Japanese Girls For Marriage

For many foreigners, Japan is a world full of unique traditions and norms. The country is diverse and beautiful. Even if life is fast, colorful, and packed with work, especially in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, the relationship with a mail-order bride in Japan is still exceptional.

Despite the exotic beauty, femininity, and grace, Japanese brides have other qualities the modern western man appreciates. Their characteristics, such as loyalty, family spirit, hard work, modesty, and down-to-earthiness, contribute to family happiness. If you want to date a Japanese woman, note: these mail order brides see a significant part of life in relationships. They don’t take a relationship as a game and expect their partner to do the same. Therefore, decide what you expect from your Japanese girlfriend and what wishes you have when dating.

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Dating Japanese Women

In Japan, you have chances to find a bride:

  • typical of the stereotype: low and thin with a bright, sweet, sentimental and reserved complexion;
  • tall and tanned, who just wants to have fun;
  • plump and sweet;
  • polite and feminine.

The “good girls” are brides who have a childish way of relating to others. They are discreet; they don’t try to get noticed and act due to what adults and social structures expect. The world of childhood is a universe where Japanese girls find protection and safety, often having a very close relationship with their mother.

“Kawai” girls are well-kept brides. They choose every little detail of their look: sequins in the eyeshadows, clothespins of all kinds, gadgets, and objects. The concept of Kawai is about small, cute, playful, fun girls.

Typical Characteristics Of Brides From Japan

The features of Japanese women for marriage differ. Their mysterious grace, exotic charm, and harmonious body tempt anyone. However, one should know their culture, character, preferences.


The Japanese singles, not only girls but also women like to go out. In those moments, they relax, joke, express their feelings, aspirations, spontaneity. It is a moment of pure pleasure where brides show even the most hidden sides of their personality.


Work is a crucial part of life. It is a symbol of maturity and independence. In addition to the economic freedom to buy what they want (from the new face care cream to the unique make-up product), the work experience allows Japanese ladies to feel adult and responsible.


The bride’s role in family life is about her responsibilities towards her relatives, children, and husband. Finding a good and loving boyfriend, a partner who would later become a husband, is essential. Even the most extravagant mail order brides express an absolute serenity, contentment, and submission when they discuss their boyfriends. Already at a very young age, Japanese ladies define how they will relate to their fiance.


One of the common characteristics of Japanese mail-order brides is a virtue to have a good time with everyone. They have a calm personality and do not like fighting. Even if you don’t have difficulties during the first contact with them, it’s good to go out one more time. Enjoy talking to them, feel the cozy atmosphere sitting near these women.


The high female power of Japanese ladies is famous around the world. Hairstyles, make-up, nails, seasonal fashion, etc. are the main features of these Asian mail order brides. Many men appreciate the high level of female power. Japanese mail order brides seem much younger than women in other countries.

Petite And Cute

Many foreign men like the black hair, delicate body, and charming face of Asian girls. Also, Japanese girlfriends are smaller and slender compared to foreign women. What is better than having your lovable little lump of happiness?


Are Japanese brides loyal? Yes, they are, if they are going to start a serious relationship. They take care of their partner every day and feel fulfilled in the marital relationship. Japanese wives enjoy cooking in a men’s apartment, helping with cleaning and laundry.

The Character Of Pretty Japanese Girls

Compared to Chinese brides, the Japanese are less closed and more cheerful. These single women are sincere and honest despite being very open, expansive, friendly, and ready to make you a part of their lives. Being curious, Japanese girls love to ask questions and know how to be very original and out of the box. If you strive to attract their attention, talk about technology, books, music because Asian mail order brides are crazy about it. Avoid physical contact (touches, kisses, hugs) unless the girl gives you apparent signs.

What Do Japanese Ladies Expect?

  • Asian women for marriage expect their husbands to be reliable and responsible. They want security and a cozy atmosphere at home.
  • It is essential to listen to your wife and understand her needs.
  • Pay a lot of attention to her and make it clear if you need quick satisfaction or romantic relationships.
  • Show her your reliability.
  • To conquer a single woman, you need patience, calm, kindness, respect, communication, and interest in her culture. It all depends on how much you try to appreciate the culture of the Rising Sun.

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Design The Partner Search

Finding a Japanese bride for sale takes place in different ways. The way of life, the tradition, and the culture Japanese ladies cultivate differ from the way of life of European brides. Therefore, attach importance to the origin of your Asian lady. If you choose a Japanese girls from the big metropolises, it will be closer to the western way of life than a woman who comes from a province in Japan. If you are going to search in Japan, use a local dating site. At these platforms, many beautiful Japanese women are seeking a western husband and dream of a wedding.

The reasons why a man decides to join a specialized dating site are different:

  • a wide variety of legit brides;
  • flirting or making friends with attractive singles;
  • seek a company to travel to Japan.

Popular Japanese Wife Finders


OkCupid is a great dating site for single men living overseas who dream of a romantic encounter or fun time with a beautiful Japanese bride. Age verification, 24/7 customer support, dedicated staff members to make your dating convenient. OkCupid tends to have many registrants who strive to find a girlfriend. While living overseas limits your chances of meeting in life, meet Japanese ladies online. Find not only singles living in the same area but also those in the area you plan to live in the future. It’s straightforward to use. Create an account and enter the information of the desired mail order bride using the search tool.


When men living overseas want to meet a Japanese mail order wife, the PlentyOfFish dating site is the right choice. It is an international platform great to meet a girlfriend at a distance. Here, the possibility of meeting Japanese mail order wives is excellent thanks to a community full of girls willing to chat anonymously. The site enhances true and fun love, always respecting both sexes.

Whether you seek a one-night meeting or want to meet your love, ensures you an anonymous online environment. Usage is effortless. First, you signup and, as happens on similar sites, insert some information about your life:

  • what are your favorite books,
  • your hobbies,
  • which sport you love to practice etc.
  • your photos,
  • describe your personality.

In such a way, you get points towards other users of the platform. Once you’ve fine-tuned your profile, you are ready to meet your better half. To find the right person, use a search option.


Search and interact anonymously with thousands of married and committed members is possible via Zoosk. The site has a simple operation, just create an account, enter some details, and you are ready to meet Japanese wives online. The platform has an instant messaging system allowing you to have a conversation with a bride who interests you or shows interest in you. The mobile app will enable you to stay in touch with your interlocutors any time you need it.


One of the well-known Japanese wife finders is JapanCupid. Most of the women registered on the JapanCupid dating site are seeking romantic relationships or even a husband. The possibility of using additional tools allows you to make your browsing anonymous. The site offers two types of accounts: free and paid. Free users only browse the website without interacting with other people. A premium account allows you to access several benefits, including messages and photo exchange.

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How To Win A Japanese Mail Order Bride?

  • Japanese girls love loyalty and transparency. Don’t lie and, at the first approach, clarify what you are seeking: sex or a serious relationship leading to marriage?
  • Asian brides don’t go with everyone and, to conquer them, you should be creative. Use sweetness, sincerity, lots of patience, the right compliments at the right time, and a little mystery.
  • Use a lot of tact and just tickle their interest.
  • Avoid making these three gestures:
    • warm hug because hugging is not a very common gesture in Japan;
    • firm handshake because it is another gesture that embarrasses Japanese girls like any attempt to touch them (a real taboo). Use only your fingertips if you want to show you are a kind and serious boy;
    • kiss to greet, not even on the cheeks.
  • Compliments always hit the mark in the relationships with a Japanese woman. She likes to hear how beautiful and stunning she is. In their society, a man does not pay direct compliments to a bride. When a girl from Japan arrives in another country, the right compliment at the right time becomes a very precious card to play.
  • The secret is always one: patience. A man should have patience with Asian brides, avoiding too aggressive approaches.

Final Thoughts

Meeting a Japanese wife online is an excellent possibility of new dating sites. Mail order brides have all the features to ensure a harmonious relationship and a cozy atmosphere at home. Choose the site you like and start your search right now.

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