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Scandinavian women are interesting and Danish women are the kind that will have you enthralled with their personality and both inner and outer beauty. Their fair skins, tall frames, and lovely hair make them the stuff of portraits.  If you have your eyes and heart set on snagging a Dane, then you have to understand what it takes to impress them and who these beauties are. Learn as much as you can about their features, interests, unique traits and the amazing characteristics that set them apart from the rest. 

Features of Danish Women

Here the characteristics of these fantastic Danes that you will find endearing. 

Extraordinary Beauty 

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Danish women are very attractive, which is why a good number of renowned international models come from  Denmark or have Danish roots where they get their beauty from. Like all Scandinavian women, the Danes have good skin tones, fair hair, light eyes, tall and very sexy. The majority of them are blue-eyed blondes. However, thanks to their inter-racial marriages, you will also find Danish girls who are brunettes and redheads. This makes them interesting and a joy to look at. 

They Love Food

Danish women love to eat food and not just any food but good food. They also have great culinary skills, which are why the food they like eating is delicious. A Danish girl will never cook anything that doesn’t taste delicious. Culinary skills are part of the Danish lifestyle and she will go on and on reading and discussing new recipes and trying them out. When you marry this Danish girl rest assured that you would come home every day to a delicious home-cooked meal. You will always look forward to the home menu for the day.  

They Are Reserved

Most Danish women are modest and a little shy. They are reserved, shy and modest, the traits that you will also find quite interesting. There is no such thing as an idle chitchat with a Danish woman. A proper conversation is always appreciated by her, a good introduction and getting right to the conversation is considered gentlemanly. Otherwise, she will remain reserved when you begin your chitchat. 

Socialize Within the Circle of Friends and Family

Danish women will always socialize within their circle of friends and family and will hardly reach out to outsiders or strangers. For you to make advances on them, you have to join their circle of friends and family. So get close to their family and friends and you will win them over quickly.  Nothing warms their heart more than seeing you making an effort to know their family members and friends.    

Value Family and Friendships

Friendships and love are important to the Danes.  They will never trade anything for family and friendships mean a lot to them. This is the kind of woman who will go out on a limb for a family member or a friend. She will also work towards making her own family happily. She will value her husband and kids and will never sacrifice them for a career. Love is an integral part of her relationships and you will notice her showing it to the maximum whether she is a mother, a daughter, a lover or simply a friend. Love will always be a great part of her expression. 

They Love Sex 

There is this story going around that Danish women are “Dynamites in the sack”, yes that is true. Don’t let their gentle features fool you. These women have embraced their sexuality and will give their all when it comes to sex. If you don’t want sex before getting married, then set the tone with your Danish bride from the beginning. They are one of the women who are never shy when it comes to discussing matters concerning sex.  

Very Independent 

Danish women are well-educated and most of them have careers going on. When you have the Danish wife by your side, you will never carry the financial burden alone. She will help you out and you will make financial progress together. She loves making progressive financial plans and believes in investing for the good of the family. 

They Are Sporty Women

Denmark is a flat country with a flat surface and a few mountainous regions. This makes cycling and other sports very popular. The women love an active lifestyle, which is why she will give you a run for your money on the running track. This is why you will find Danish women hardly obese. All that exercise makes their bodies trim and shapely. 

Where to Find Danish Mail-Order Brides


You can find Danish women in the following top mail order brides sites according to online dating site reviews.

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This is a site that has for years been connecting singles from all over the world. It is a professional and modern looking website that has amazing features to make your online dating experience cool.  With thousands of profiles of women featured there, the chances of finding Danish women for marriage are very high. Use the search tool to specify your preferences and you will find the perfect match for you.

Dating is one site with a section that provides a platform for Danes to meet men from all over the world. Registration is free and very easy. The features are cool and it is the place to begin your hunt for that Danish bride of your dreams.  With the communication tools available, you can keep the conversations flowing. 


From the above guide, your quest of finding and marrying a Danish woman should no longer be the stuff of dreams but a reality. Sing up today with one of the above sites and enjoy an online dating experience like no other. Give yourself a chance to find a woman, fall in love and enjoy marital bliss. It is all possible. 

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