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You would think that it’s only normal to date someone if you insanely fall in love with him or her, and only then you marry that person. But it’s not the case in all the countries. Some nationalities still prefer arranged marriages. It doesn’t mean that the whole country approves such an approach, but some local ethnic groups practice this tradition. It’s a custom when parents decide what is best for you.

It sounds awful to those who got used to making such an important decision on their own. However, people who live in such countries like Sri Lanka grow up in such an environment, and it’s normal for them. Of course, progress helps, and the situation in developed cities is different. But still, Sri Lankan girls grow up with the belief that at a certain age they should marry someone.

Sri Lankan Dating Culture

Sri Lankan dating culture is only developing. In the largest city of Sri Lanka Colombo, the situation is more modern. You can meet people, fall in love with someone, go on dates, and act like most people in the world when they are in love. You can hold hands in Colombo, but making out in public is not an option. Probably, you won’t get arrested, but such behavior is considered to be inappropriate. But still, you can visit public places with your significant other, hold hands or cuddle.

As it was mentioned above, arranged marriages are not a rule, but it’s a custom. It’s not against the law to arrange a marriage for a daughter or a son. Parents think that they are more experienced, that they know better what life is in reality, so they try to arrange a better future for their kids. That’s why people are used to the thought of arranged marriages. Some rebel minds can always disagree with that and build their future on their own or migrate out of the country.

But because people are used to arranging marriages, Sri Lankan mail-order brides approach is considered to be a good option. Some Sri Lankan brides even send applications in different marriage agencies so that they could find them appropriate candidates. So, if you want to find a wife from Sri Lanka, it’s absolutely possible.

But you need to understand that before meeting someone, you have to find out more about the culture in which your potential bride grew up. Understanding of her personality and peculiarities will help you to win her heart. Below you will find useful bits of information that will help you.

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Characteristics of Sinhalese Women

Men are attracted to beautiful Sri Lankan women, and nobody can blame them for that. Sri Lankan women have insanely beautiful, smooth dark skin which is accompanied by long, dark, silky-like hair. Understandably, men lose their minds when they see such beauty. If you are attracted to such dark beauty, you might be thinking about marrying a Sri Lankan woman. Of course, first you need to find someone to date, then if you share mutual respect and love, you can get married.

There are several rules you need to know before considering a trip to Sri Lanka. Whether you are using a website to find a bride from Sri Lanka, or you are willing to pack our luggage and visit the country right away, you still need to know some ground-rules.

Even if you are using a dating website, when everything will get serious, and you will decide to marry a Sri Lankan woman, you will have to visit the country to at least meet her family. It’s a lovely country with a very magical atmosphere, so you won’t lose anything if you arrange a trip to Sri Lanka. Below are some tips:

No Public Display of Affection

If you are going out somewhere, don’t even try to show your affection by kissing your girlfriend. She might want you to kiss her, but not in a public place. You can find a secluded place, throw a romantic picnic, and have a special moment. But in a public place maximum you are allowed is to hold hands with her or cuddle.

Support Your Sri Lanka Woman

Because of the cultural peculiarities, some Sri Lanka girls value their independence. If you have met a girl who has goals in life, wants to build a career or she’s studying really hard, support her. If you show her that you are proud of her, that you want to support and help her, most likely, you will win her heart. But support her sincerely, if you prefer her to dedicate all her time to future family, you might want to find another girl to date. It’s normal for most women in Sri Lanka to dedicate their time to family.

Don’t Think of Her as a Fling

Of course, it’s possible because in this world there are no such things that can be considered impossible. But such a situation is highly unlikely to happen. Parents care about their daughters, and if they arrange an international marriage, they need to be sure that you are deadly serious in your intentions. So, if you are looking at pictures of hot Sri Lankan women and hope to get yourself a one-night encounter, forget about that thought. It is very unlikely to happen.

Be Able to Financially Support Your Family

Don’t consider that they want to live at your expense, and it’s just that her parents don’t want their daughter to be in need. Men in Sri Lanka are considered to be the breadwinners, and they should be able to supply their families with all they need. But on the bride side, even if you consider yourself to belong to the middle class, in Sri Lanka, you will be regarded as a quite wealthy groom. So, the chances to find a bride are very high, but still, you need to prove that your intentions are serious.

Sri Lankan Women Know How to Take Care of Household

It means that the house will always be clean; you and your future kids will never be hungry. You will have a chance to taste delicious cuisine. Of course, today, women in Sri Lanka are looking forward to studying and building a career if that’s possible. So, most likely, she has other interests, so it’s better to share your responsibilities if that is the case.

Sinhala Is an Official Language

All the population is using it to communicate with each other. But English is still a recognizable language, and most likely your future wife will understand it. But if you want to impress her, you might want to learn several words and phrases. Women consider it to be cute and even sexy when foreigners try to say something using a woman’s mother tongue. It’s also a sign of respect and that way you show that you are serious in your intentions.

Overall, you need to respect her culture, be well-mannered, and be a man. Her family won’t approve your marriage if they aren’t 100% sure that you are a reliable husband. It’s important for her parents to understand that you will take care of your family, you won’t abuse your wife or future kids, and that you will be a loving husband and father.

Meeting a Sri Lankan Bride

You can visit Sri Lanka since it is famous for natural landscapes and rich culture with beautiful sites. All those views will definitely take your breath away. But before visiting this country, it’s a good idea to find a special reason to visit Sri Lanka. For instance, you could fall in love with a Sri Lankan woman. How is it possible to fall in love with her without visiting Sri Lanka? That’s easy, and you need to register an account on one of the online dating websites.

Advantages of Online Dating

You can communicate with the woman you like, even if you have a very busy schedule. You can answer her message or text her during work or break.

Like-Minded People

You actually can find a compatible partner using a reliable dating platform. For this, you need to adjust the search setting so that the website will recommend a compatible partner.

You Can Develop Relationship on Your Own Pace

If you feel like that is not your person, you can break up with her, and she won’t be offended. You weren’t spending time together in real life, and it’s unlikely that you fell in love with each other. So you can just be honest and tell her that it’s not going to work. You don’t steal time from each other.

Only Singles Users

It’s one of the best advantages since it saves your time and your mental health. Why mental health? Let’s face it, when you approach a beautiful lady, ask her number, and she rejects you – that hurts a lot. But on dating websites, everyone is willing to meet someone and to build a strong bond.

Success Rate Is Higher

Did you know that around 17% of all marriages were arranged through dating online? And the divorce rate is lower if you meet someone online and arrange a marriage.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

You might say that such an approach has disadvantages. And that is the truth. Someone may consider that a paid model which is used by most dating online websites, including Asian platforms, is a disadvantage. Although, it’s easy to argue with that statement since you pay for quality. If you are spending your money, you don’t see annoying ads, you receive quality support, and website founders care about your safety.

Reliable Sites Are Paid

If the website is paid, it implements security measures. For instance, you can say that the site is reliable if it uses safety protocols. HTTPS tells you that the platform is safe and it has protection against hackers or phishing attacks. As you might already know if the website is not protected and uses a simple HTTP protocol, hackers may attempt to steal your data — for instance, password to your account or even your billing information.

But if the platform is protected, you can be sure that hackers won’t try to bother you. Such paid model also discourages scammers from contacting you. For example, if a scammer sees that he has to pay for using a platform, most likely, he will abandon his account. But if he will pay to use the website, there are other measures to ensure that they won’t bother registered users.

Sri Lankan Brides3

Best Sites to Meet Sri Lankan Women


These sites not only allow you to find a Sri Lankan bride but also they ensure that you won’t encounter a scammer. As it was mentioned above, a paid model discourages most scammers. But there is still a slight chance that someone will decide to pay believing that they will manage to gain more money than they spend. But these three websites use a validation mechanism.

What is a validation mechanism? It’s when a user has to send a scan of his ID to prove that he is a real person. The mechanism is similar to the one that Facebook uses. When Facebook has a suspicion that the account does not belong to a real person, it blocks it and asks to send a scan of an ID. The mechanism used on these websites is similar; only users won’t get blocked. They just don’t receive a Validated status.

When you are seeking for a partner, you can see in his profile a “Validated member.” This means that a woman is actually a woman, her photos are real, and you can start a conversation with her. Of course, even with such measures, there is the slightest chance that a scammer will ask his sister/wife/female friend to use her photos and to send an ID scan to receive a “Validated” status. But the chance is really low. Why should they implement such a scheme if they can simply use a free to use the website?

Sri Lankan Dating Tips

Be Honest When You Fill Personal Information

Try to add as many details as possible. That way, a woman with who you communicate will be able to decide whether you match.

Complete the Questionnaire on the Website

This questionnaire contains essential questions concerning your personality and your preferences. That information will be compared with the info of women on the site, and all compatible results will be sent to you as a recommendation list. So, the chances of finding someone with whom you might be happy are higher.

Add Several Pictures of Yourself

It’s common that people on such websites, especially women, trust those users who show their photos. Thus, they can see that the person is real, and they can decide for themselves whether they are attracted.

Use Advanced Search

A quick search might take less of your time, but it won’t give the best results. If you use an advanced search, you will have to spend some time, but you can filter users in whom you will never be interested.


Sri Lankan women are kind, smart, and gorgeous. And if you are attracted to this dark beauty, you can create an account on a dating website and start searching for someone with whom you will be happy.

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