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Italy is a beautiful country of pasta and is widely known as the land of Divas where millions of breathtaking women live. Diva is actually an Italian word which is why these women are classy and interesting. The beautiful dark-haired Italian girls who are bold when it comes to fashion are one of the main attractions for tourists who visit Italy.  The sceneries, the great history of art and the amazing entertainment and fashion make this country special. However, the women take “special” a notch higher, they are beautiful in that exotic Italian way, that will have you staring endlessly at a woman if you are not accustomed to the beauty.  

For all you men out there interested in dating and marrying these dark-haired beauties, then you are in luck because this post will tell you all about them and how to find, impress and marry one of them.  

Qualities Of Italian Mail Order Brides 

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Some of the endearing qualities of these dark-haired unique women can make any man want to marry them immediately.

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Lovers of Fashion 

Fashion is one of Italy’s main export products and they are amazingly good at it.  When you walk the streets of Italy you will notice how the local women are uniquely dressed up. The great fashion looks you will notice are not coincidences but efforts made by the women to look great. The symphony of colors, the cut of the clothing, the hairstyles, makeup and even accessories have all been well thought through.  Such a fashion sense combined with natural beauty is enough to drive any man on their knees in adoration. 

Fiery Temper 

Italian brides are known for their rants and outbursts which should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt.  It is usually their way of expressing their displeasure over crucial issues. That sudden outburst is not uncommon and it also dies down quickly and she moves on and forgives quickly. Their good display of exasperation is quite entertaining and they will bare all they are thinking which is a healthy way of expression.

These women don’t believe in bottling things up, when they see something they don’t like, they will quickly express their displeasure to let you know and you also better have a working solution to the problem or discuss it with her. Despite their fiery temper, they always listen when talked to.  

Loyal to the Core

Family, friendships and love mean a lot to the Italian woman. They are the cornerstones of an Italian. The women look forward to dating and eventually marriage and stable families.  When an Italian woman commits to you as her boyfriend, this is a sign of a very serious relationship that is headed to marriage which is for life because this woman doesn’t believe in divorce. 

Passionate About Food

These women are known to be great cooks with world-class skills. In a land where Pizza, Lasagna, Fiorentina steak, Bottarga and countless other delicacies come from you can expect the women to be wonderful cooks. Food is a great part of the Italian lifestyle. A simple family meeting is a great opportunity to get a sample of the most sumptuous Italian delicacies. If you have her at home as a wife, the day you invite your friends over, you will no doubt be envious the moment they taste her food.  Most Italian families actually have unique recipes for cooking. Italians love good food which is why most of them grow up learning how to make the best. Cooking secrets are actually passed from generation to generation. Trust an Italian woman to cook you the most mouth-watering dishes.

Love to Play Hard to Get

The Italian woman loves being wooed and chased by a man. You have to woo her and don’t rush her. Let her play hard to get to her fill. A long-drawn wooing and the shenanigans that come with it is what excites her. Therefore brace yourself for some wait time because you will never get her on the first meeting and may have that special contact on the fourth date actually. So get your wooing gear and chase after that Italian woman of your dreams. High chances are that you will eventually get her. 

Passionate Lovers

When you finally get her to date you,  all that wooing will be worth it. She is a passionate lover which is a very important trait for a relationship to be excellent. There is nothing like a routine with her, she will keep surprising you every day with new things. There will never be a dull moment in the bedroom. Every day will be a unique playtime which you will both enjoy. However, she will go that extra mile to ensure that you enjoy more because it is always her pleasure when you are satisfied.  

Loud Women 

Most Italians speak in a high tone when they are exhibiting strong emotions such as anger or excitement.  It is just their way of expressing their emotions which is why you shouldn’t look at your Italian beauty oddly when her tone is higher than usual. Instead, listen to her and try to understand her emotions. Just make sure that when she is with you she is loud because of excitement and not because she is angry with you.  


An Italian woman understands the value of family and the values and traditions that glue the family together. These women grow into a society that values family. The family is the cornerstone of their lifestyle.  It is common to find generations of family members living together in Italy. This makes the Italian woman a great homemaker and will be accommodative to your family members if you are staying with them. 

Sensitive to Humor

Love is global humor definitely isn’t.  The things you would call humor back home might not be humor in Italy. What Italians consider to be humor is a little different from what you know. “Three nuns jokes” are a complete no. Just be careful what you joke about because you definitely don’t want to make her angry and loud.    

Expects You to Act Like a Man

All Italian girls will compare you to their father or the male figure in their life right from the beginning of the relationship. You either meet that standard and surpass it or walk away. This simply means that you act like a real man, in that stylish, passionate, loyal, loving and strong way. You will have to take care of her and this includes paying for dates or unless she tells you she will take care of the bill. 

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Top Italian Women Dating Sites

  • AnastasiaDate
  • CharmDate

There are various sites to find beautiful Italian women  and they are as follows:


You can never go wrong with AnastasiaDate.  This is a site that has for decades linked up men from all over the world with the women of their dreams. It is a cool site with amazing features. The advanced search algorithm will help you find the Italian woman that you seek and with thousands of profiles, you will definitely find your true Italian love on this site. 


This is another site that is known for profiles of beautiful single Italian women. It is a user-friendly site with free registration and thousands of profiles. The advanced search tool makes it possible to find an Italian woman who is compatible with you. It is a great site for finding love.

This is a dating site that has defined the dating game and has been at it for a long time. It is full of beautiful and charming Italian women for marriage and one of them might be your very own Italian wife. All you need to do is register and indicate the kind of woman you want to marry and you will find your match. 


The fiery character, beauty, values, intelligence, character and culinary skills of Italian women make them very popular with men around the world. Why else do you think tourists troop to those Italian cities? Before you make that trip to Italy find her first through the above dating sites and then go and meet her. 


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