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Switzerland is a home of beauties. Swiss women are famous for their irresistible charm. Where else would want to look for apart from Swiss for a soul mate? Before you start searching for Swiss mail order brides, check why most men are keen on getting one for a wife.

Characteristics of Swiss Women

Natural Beauties

Forget the make-up and cosmetics version of beauty. Swiss women’s natural beauty is historical, and they do not need to accentuate their complexion or features in any way. Their silky smooth skin and well-placed features make them stand out among the rest.

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Though they are some of the friendliest women on earth, they are quiet and may come out as unfriendly or rude initially. Most people assume that women are naturally talkative, not Swiss women. They are generally reserved. 

Excellent Fashion Sense

Swiss women will save you the headache of keeping your eyes on what is trending to maintain style. They have an innate sense of fashion that will make you and your family stand out on all occasions. Whichever outfit they pick for you, wear it with confidence as their fashion sense never fails. Whether they show up in jeans or adorned designer dresses, every cloth sits perfectly well on them.

Great Mothers

They do not mind the company of the children and give lots of attention to them. Do not confuse this for laxity as they are never afraid to discipline the little ones. Whether you are getting married for the first time, or have children from a previous relationship, rest assured she will take full charge. 

Active in Communities

Swiss women embrace the communities, especially where their children are involved. They will not only volunteer but participate wherever duty calls. 

Good Facilitators and Organizers

If you are in business, you will be eternally grateful for her excellent organizational skills. However, organizers are also beneficial in the home setting. Every man wants to come home to a clean, organized house. Swiss ladies are natural organizers, and you may need to put your act together if staying organized is not your strength. 

Smart Shoppers

Maybe this comes from their organization skills. Swiss brides are keen on their expenditure and will hardly indulge in impulse purchases. Finally, you get a woman who is not susceptible to buying things without a plan. 

How to Win a Swiss Brides Heart

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Like all other women, the Swiss girls long for the man who will sweep them off their feet. If you plan and consider marrying one, here is a guideline to winning their hearts.

Keep It Formal

Unless you are very familiar with the one you are interacting with, a handshake suffices for a greeting across genders. In case you know each other, kiss on the cheeks is the appropriate greeting. If you are meeting her for the first or second time, hugs and kisses are out of the question. 

They are not avid talkers so they slowly warm up to strangers, and will open up once they feel comfortable.

No Molly Coddling

Their independence should not take you by surprise. Swiss women are brought up to do things on their own and will hardly look to you with small issues. It is not arrogance, but the fact that they are accustomed to taking care of themselves and have developed her way of doing her things. That said, treat her like a lady! Open her door, take her coats in the restaurants, and hold her sit. All those gestures that make her feel special will mark you as a gentleman. Do not expect emotional ecstasy when you do something for them; they only express their deepest feelings before their loved ones. 

Keep Track of Time

Whatever you do, when dating a Swiss lady, always be punctual. Their culture of perfectionism makes them time conscious hence the easiest way to break up with them is getting late for every date. One of their cardinal rules is getting to a place fifteen minutes early.


Switzerland is home to chocolate, chocolate treats, and cheese. The Swiss are the largest chocoholics globally. A gift of holey cheese or gourmet chocolates will make the ladies feel at home.


Though Switzerland women gained their political equity later than most countries, they caught up fast. Today most of them hardly have more than two children and will opt to work rather than stay at home raising kids. Despite their love for pursuing careers, they handle families exceptionally well and love children. 

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Trusted Swiss Mail Order Brides Sites

There are many sites today, which can be confusing when searching for a bride. Here are some legit ones you may consider

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Your approach will determine whether you win the Swiss woman or go back to the drawing board. These brides are great life partners as they come as a complete package – hardworking, mature, intelligent, and modesty, which is what most men are after. They do not have emotional meltdowns hence no embarrassing public outbursts. Swiss brides are for keeps. 

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