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Best Russian Dating Sites

Nowadays, Russian dating sites’ popularity among Western men grows at extremely high speed, especially in the United States of America. But why does it happen? What so special and unusual do Slavic women have attracting males from all parts of the planet? Let’s explore this question.

Free Russian Dating Sites and Whom They’re Working for?

Exploring the phenomena of males’ preference related to Slavic ladies it would be wise to start from describing some well-known facts regarding Slavic women that explain the high popularity of Russian dating sites in the USA: 

  • Slavic ladies are known throughout the whole planet is the most gorgeous females. Moreover, many gentlemen across the globe agree with this statement. In 2018 Russia held the FIFA World Cup and numerous foreigners that have visited this event, left pleased not only because of the game but because of the attraction and charm of Russian ladies. You surely heard about the magnetism inherent to Russian females and their unique talents of being perfect wives. Thus probably it became the major reason why a significant number of males type in the search bars of browsers they use something like “best Russian dating sites”, or even like “dating sites for Russian in America”.
  • Slavic women considered being traditional. This traitor better to say feature helps them to preserve true family values. If Slavic women’s beauty caused the initial interest from males to Russian dating sites, their high family values remain the interest making it even deeper. Many American male singles go to the network and create their profiles in one of the Russian dating sites in the USA to meet pure love because the results of the search in real life did not provide them with the proper result. Mostly they cannot find a truly family-oriented woman in the modern Western world.
  • Slavic girlfriends know how to treat their men to make them feel valued. Slavic women truly understand what means to be a muse for their men, they’re experts in this field. Slavic wife treats her husband like a second after God, because she knows that a happy and pleased man will be able to do much more for the family.
  • Also, Slavic women know how to inspire you for feats and how to make you feel relaxing after them. Have you already felt interested in checking the Russian dating sites for all listed benefits?
  • Slavic girls are intelligent, properly educated, open-minded, and ready for a new experience. They have nothing common with orders and limitations inherent to the population of the Soviet Union. So, please, be noticed that Russian ladies in middle years were born in independent Russia, they have the ability to travel and see the world, meet new people from different countries, so they’re not scared to move somewhere led by love. So in case, you’ll meet a woman through one of the real Russian dating sites and fall in love with her, you’ll not need to worry that she will refuse your offer to move to you.

The list above includes only the high-level fact about Slavic women, but it is enough to get interested and learn much more personally. And if you do not have the ability to leave everything, buy a flight ticket to Russia and spend there time sufficient to meet someone special, it’ll be wise to choose one of the legitimate Russian dating sites. Girls from such platforms are open-hearted and ready to maintain any type of conversation because they’re also looking for a perfect match through these services.

Best Russian dating sites will provide you with modern design and a number of functions for contacting, such as chat with a video stream, option to call beloved women with the support of the interpreter to fight the language barrier, opportunity to send gifts, and others. These features can differ from site to site, but in any case, you will have much more than just an opportunity to send an email to the opposite gender.

Legitimate Russian Dating Sites

Since you already learned why more and more Western men are choosing the opportunity to find their future wife among Slavic women by using one of the legitimate Russian dating sites, it will be wise to find out at least a couple of examples of such sites. Sometimes it could be difficult to distinguish among the variety of offers placed on the internet. Aiming to help you with this complex task below you’ll be able to find a few examples with the detailed review of legitimate platforms you may check out.

FindEuropeanBeauty logo
≈ 1 800
girls online
> 4 000
visits per day

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LatinWomanLove logo
≈ 2 000
girls online
> 6 000
visits per day

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Best Russian Dating Sites

This’s one of the leaders among the best Russian dating sites. The service provides Western single men with the opportunity to choose a lady of the heart among the variety of Russian women with a real chance to arrange a date. Advantages of this service: 

  • Free from the charges registration process, so newcomers have an opportunity to create their accounts there and check out the site before they will need to perform the first payment for membership.
  • Easy and fast registration. To create an account there, newcomers just need to fill out a brief registration form with only five questions on it. Also, it is possible to sign up via a Facebook account.
  • A significant number of female profiles on the site, which respectively increase men’s chances to find their soul mates among these women.
  • Informative profiles. The structure of profiles on the site allows members to put there a lot of information to specify what kind of relationship and person are valuable and interesting to them. It helps to understand would you like to know every certain woman better even before you’ll start a conversation with her, which will save a lot of time.
  • Absence of annoying advertisement on the site, which’s the important factor to be focused on communication mostly than on clicking the “close” button.

The main disadvantage of the service is that it is not an example of completely free Russian dating sites. And it is reasonable because it is natural that you need to pay to get a high-quality service. In such a way to communicate without any limitations with Russian women on this site, you will need to become a premium member by paying for such privilege. Also as for the date of this article publication, the service does not have a mobile application for iOS, which can be uncomfortable for individuals who prefer iPhones.


Best Russian Dating Sites

Here is one more example of real Russian dating sites that you should test and apply in case you’ll like it. The site is quite popular and a number of its users are continuously growing thus your chances to meet many gorgeous women there are extremely high. Who knows, maybe one of them will be able to satisfy all your demands and become a decent partner for the rest of life.
Advantages of this service: 

  • Free and fast registration process that takes no more than just a couple of minutes. It’s possible to sign up via Google account. There’s no verification of the email address during the registration procedure.
  • A significant number of online women’s profiles from Russia and other Slavic countries that would like to meet their future husband there. So every single visit will bring you the chance to communicate with many interesting and attractive women.
  • Advanced security system. The website’s administration cares about the environment they provide to members, that is why they spend a lot of resources to make it safe. And it is extremely important to feel safe in such a case because if you’ll be worried about the safety of personal information, instead of being focused on communication with women, you’ll not achieve a goal to know someone as good to fall in love.

The disadvantages of the service are also including payable basis system of work, so you’re required to acquire the membership form using the advanced tools allowing unlimited communication. Also, it is important to be informed, that in spite of the advanced security system, there is a number of fake accounts that can be scammers and fraudsters, so remember this and be careful.

Besides these two websites that we explored deeply, there are many similar options and here is a list of some of them: 

  • Elena’s Models;
  • DateRussianGirl;
  • CharmDate;
  • RussianAdmires;
  • The RussianDating;
  • And others.

All of these sites provide similar services, but also have some differences. So to choose the site that will be the best personally for you, it will be wise to check at least a couple of them. Happily, most of them provide newcomers with an opportunity to sign up for free, so you’ll be able to use the site without any charges and make an informed decision after.


The decision to seek love abroad is difficult and leads to some difficulties connected with long-distance relationships, which however can be easily resolved with the first meeting. If you’re ready for this exciting adventure leading you to love with amazing beauty from the foreign country you definitely should try one of the free Russian dating sites or as they’re also called dating sites for Russian in America. You’ll be guaranteed to meet many educated gorgeous women there and one of them can steal your heart.

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