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Lesbian Dating Sites and How They Work

Since you’re reading this article you’re probably a lesbian or bi who tired of using inappropriate online dating resources useless in their main aim to find a person, who could become a perfect partner matching all your hidden and not hidden wishes. Or maybe you’re a woman who’s curious about new experience with likely-minded females and would like to know how to decide on the first step in homosexual dating and perform it in a correct manner. Or maybe you have a single lesbian friend whom you would like to help to find someone special.

In all of these cases this article will be helpful for you because we will speak about the following questions:

  • Major reasons why lesbians prefer special dating sites for lesbian only and strive to avoid traditional applications for users of all genders;
  • Major problems inherent to lesbian sites for dating;
  • Major signs aimed to let you know the ladies from lesbian dating application are interested in you;
  • Recommendations about top lesbian dating sites for safe and convenient usage to be checked.
Lesbian Dating Sites

Why Lesbians Prefer to Use Special Lesbian Dating Platform?

If you’re a single woman who feels an attraction to the same sex, you surely have a desire to find the second half that would be an ideal match. And of course, since we’re living in the twenty-first century, you probably already thought about creating an account at one of the popular online dating platforms or mobile applications.

But before you will do it, please be noticed that not every online dating platform will help to meet a partner, moreover, some of them will only waste time. That’s why the number of homosexual females, who prefer to use lesbian dating sites only grows. So let’s see what can go wrong?

The common problem that you will face dealing with the regular online dating platforms that there’s no option to choose that you’re a woman who’s looking for a woman. There’re dating sites with a mostly heterosexual audience, but they are LGBT-friendly and allow to choose option specifying that you’re a lesbian. But since they are not focused on providing services for lesbians most of their features are just not adapted.

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And the major issue of such online dating sites is that it will send you matches with only or almost only male accounts. Moreover, almost only men will write to you there and try to attract you, because we all know that most men have such a goal to attract a lesbian. So this issue can easily make you frustrated and to avoid such frustration it’s better to choose lesbian dating sites.

Issues That Can Be Met at Lesbian Dating Platform

To be one hundred percent honest even if you select one of the lesbian dating sites you may also face one of the issues from the following list, but the risk will be significantly lower:

  • Even at the best lesbian dating sites you’ll surely meet at least one female who maintains an account there just to have fun and she may not even be a lesbian;
  • One more common issue for all of the dating sites for lesbian is the number of fake profiles that have been created by men for personal reasons;
  • Also, some couples, mostly heterosexual, use lesbian sites for dating to invite a girl for a one-night-stand threesome.

So yes, you may meet some of the mentioned-above accounts at one of the online lesbian dating sites, but all that you need to do in such a situation is just let the website’s administration know about such inappropriate behave of other member and they will take care of it.

How to Understand That You Attracted a Woman?

In case you decide to use some of the dating sites for lesbian, it will be helpful to learn some signs that may let you know that the woman you’re contacting is sincerely interested in contact with you. So here is a list of such signs:

  • You spend a lot of time together. If we’re speaking about online dating, even at the best lesbian dating sites, women will not waste time for you if you don’t attract them. So if you had more than two conversations with a woman, it means she likes you;
  • She listening to you and remember al important detail or just cute or even weird, but funny things about you. It is an obvious sign that person you’re speaking at one of the online lesbian dating sites is interested in you;
  • In case you have a chance to communicate with video, what may be available on some of the top lesbian dating sites, you may notice specific signs given by her body language that will make you sure about her feelings.

The Best Examples of Free Lesbian Dating Sites

Applying all the knowledge you got from the paragraphs above, you can surely go to the next step, namely to select the one (or several) of the free lesbian dating sites and start searching for a partner. So let’s see which dating sites for lesbian are able to provide you with a proper level of service.


Lesbian Dating Sites

This unusual online dating platform is considered to be one of the best services among lesbian sites for dating. It’s a user-oriented service and a pleasant page’s design creates a positive mood and assurance you’re valuable here. Here’re some additional advantages of the platform, which are highly valued by users:

  • Chances to meet someone special are extremely high due to the significant number of members on the site, including newcomers;
  • Creation of an account at this service costs nothing, meaning you can register here for free;
  • It has a mobile application, which helps to be online at any time when you have at least a couple of free minutes and Wi-Fi connection;
  • It is possible to filter online members only, which helps to find someone to communicate faster.

The major disadvantage related to this online lesbian dating platform is described by the fact that it isn’t absolutely payment-free and all advanced features become available to users purchased a membership plan. Accordingly, the main fee-based feature is unlimited communication with all of the platform’s members. Because if your account is free the only type of communication available is conversations with members with prepaid accounts only. Here is a list of interesting fee-based features of PinkCupid:

  • Advanced filter option that helps to sort members’ profiles;
  • Absence of advertisement;
  • Possibility to make profile anonymous;
  • More space in the profile.


HER belongs to the list of famous free lesbian dating sites. Talking more precisely it’s a mobile application. And the main feature of this app is totally free services for contacting each other and having conversations. However, the main disadvantage is that you can communicate with matches and mutually confirmed friends only.

Additional advantages:

  • There is no profile there without a photo;
  • The app sends matches based on the information about age preferences and location provided by you, which increases chances to meet there a second half.

HER is not totally free application also, so there is a number of services that can be used only by premium members, namely:

  • Possibility to filter profiles that is online now;
  • Possibility to notice who liked your account;
  • Possibility to change the current location, what can be crucial, because you get matches from the closest point to you.


Wapa is one of the leading and popular dating applications for female gays. The list of features that helps it to remain popular includes:

  • Totally free communication without any limitation;
  • A matching algorithm based on your geological location;
  • Possibility to use video messages;
  • App has a translator option which is build-in.

The major disadvantages of this application are the following:

  • A relatively small number of online members;
  • The translator option is available for premium members only.


Nowadays, there’s a constantly growing number of single women who already understand that they feel attracted to the same sex only, or still curious about it and would like to perform such an experiment is. And of course, as with the many other issues, most of them request the internet for advice or helping guide. But often they face the common issue, namely choosing the right online dating platform that will help them to find homosexual second half.

Hopefully, the piece of advice provided in the following article about the major opportunities and features inherent to online dating for lesbians will become helpful and sufficient to perform search successfully. So start testing services from the list containing the best lesbian dating sites provided in paragraphs above and maybe your soul mate is already awaiting you at one of these dating platforms.

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