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Lebanon is not a large country but it still has something that can impress you. It is located in the northwest of the Arabian plate and is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The name Lebanon means the White Mountains that are covered with snow during the whole year. In this marvelous country, you can find plenty of Lebanese mail order brides for marriage.

Lebanon is not a poor country, but still, you may be surprised by large databases of these girls at matrimonial services. There are actual reasons why they do not mind of arranged marriages with foreigners or use online dating sites.

  • Arranged marriages. This tradition is not very common but still, some parents use it. They want to be sure that their children will be happy in their marital life. Part of them prefers local men that respect customs and traditions while the rest prefer foreigners because of their family values.
  • Domestic violence. Lebanon is a modern country but it has a rather patriarchal society. As a result, women do not occupy chief positions and suffer physical and sexual violence from husbands. In order to escape such fate, Lebanese brides create their profiles at matrimonial agencies and online matching services.
  • Unresentful attitude. Lebanese brides want to be respected in society and men. Their desires are often ignored and they face more obstacles in developing careers. While being abroad it is much easier to occupy even chief position. Meeting a foreigner who will be able to show a different country and culture has become a saving ticket for every Lebanese bride. In addition, they believe that men from abroad are more romantic and respectful to them.

How Lebanese Brides Look Like?


Lebanon is a country where most of the population has an Arabic origin. They are medium-high with a wonderful olive skin complexion. Hair and eye colors are rather dark, but blondes are also not very rare. Therefore, you may find many hot Lebanese women in databases of matrimonial agencies or notice them at online dating websites.


Lebanese try always to look gorgeous. To achieve that high goal of visiting the gym is important. Most of them do different kinds of sports to stay healthy and beautiful. Therefore, makeup does not really necessary for them. It only helps them to highlight their beautiful appearance.

Another side of their attractiveness is a sense of style. Lebanese brides know what to dress in order to look wonderful. Getting such a wife means that your style will be changed if necessary. It is very important for them while visiting their parents, friends or relatives.

Character Traits of Lebanese Brides

While looking for a Lebanese wife it is essential not to forget about their personalities. While checking databases of Lebanese brides at matrimonial services you can read their profiles with personality descriptions. On online dating websites, you cannot always find such information. In order to make the right choice about your future, you can learn about their most common character features.

Family Oriented

Families of Lebanese brides are very traditional. It means you will encounter strong family values and bonds. Parents play an important role in making decisions about the future of their children. To marry you will probably have to receive their blessing.

As wives, Lebanese brides are very caring. They get used to taking care of household and family members rather than developing a career. However, it depends on the person. In order to grow as a personality, even a part-time job can really help. Due to their ability to cope with different tasks, simultaneously Lebanese brides can succeed in career and matrimonial life.


Lebanese brides are not limited to education. The government encourages citizens to obtain higher education. That is why you will be surprised by how many of them know English and French at sufficient levels. Due to stereotypes in society, it is rare for women to occupy high positions with larger responsibility. That encourages Lebanese brides to look for career development in abroad companies.

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Wonderful Cooking Skills

The cuisine of every culture and country can be very diverse. Winning a Lebanese wife means that you will be surprised by various delicious and sometimes weird dishes. This country is famous for its pastry and coffee that you will enjoy every day and for cucumber with yogurt. You may forget about the sweet taste of it as yogurt has many more variations for delicious tastes.


While dating Lebanese brides you will notice that they are devoted to you. It is important for them to show their attitude to you and paying more attention to you. Lebanese wife is a good friend and partner in life. It means that in case of some difficulties or even failures at work you can always receive support and rely on her understanding.


Lebanese society is religious. It has become a place where the two most followed religions are professed. More than 54% of citizens are Muslims while 40% are Christians. It plays a very important role in your relationships. While dating Lebanese brides of Muslim families you can experience some difficulties due to their conservative attitude to foreigners. Christians are more liberal in this sphere however, intimacy or living together before the marriage occurs not so often.


Lebanese brides are proud of their country and that may be manifested in a little bit weird way. They may convince you that some celebrities have some Lebanese ancestors or origin. Meeting such a person abroad greatly pleases them. Therefore, try not to criticize their lifestyle and government in case you have not lived in Lebanon for a long time.

What to Expect From Dating a Lebanese Woman?

Dating is always a complicated task, especially when there are differences in cultures. To be more prepared for the next rendezvous with Lebanese brides it is better to know what to expect.

  • Jealousy. If Lebanese bride has become very interested in you, jealousy is what you will definitely expect. Talking and paying attention to other girls with excitement can be considered as treason until you provide some proper explanation. Even if your female friend has a boyfriend, she will not calm until seeing evidence of that personally.
  • Unpunctuality. You will have to experience so-called Lebanese time. It means that not to hurry for a rendezvous or being late because you have had a small chat with a friend is totally normal. You may not learn the actual reason because Lebanese brides prefer to avoid conflicts. For them, it is better to come up with a proper explanation rather than telling the truth.
  • Paying On a Date. The person who invites also pays the bills. For men, it is even offensive when women offer to pay for themselves. It often becomes a loud discussion between men when they are deciding who is going to pay.

To Sum Up

It may be not so difficult to find Lebanese brides at different matrimonial agencies or dating websites. However, developing proper relationships is your task. Winning one of these women means that you will become a happy person with a wonderful family.

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